$5 Seller Supply Kits

Each $5 seller supply kit includes the following:


  • 25 sheets of white cardstock

  • 200 safety pins


Use the form to the right to let us know how many kits you'd like and when you'd like to pick them up in West Hartford.  For an additional $5 we'd be happy to mail the kit to you


You may use either wire or plastic hangers at our sale.  Don't have children's size hangers?  Try bending up the sides of wire hangers.  Don't have pants hangers?  Use safety pins to attach items to the top of a wire hanger.


Need hangers?  Watch our Facebook page for free hanger giveaways!  Also, dry cleaners, Freecycle and thrift stores are great places to check for free or cheap hangers.  Need more ideas?  Check out this resource:   Cheap Hanger Ideas   

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