Accepted Items

We want to make sure that we are only selling the best quality merchandise.  Every item will be checked during your scheduled drop off time.  All items must be in excellent condition with no signs of wear.  Remember, the better they look, the better they sell!  You may need to pull out the iron!  Please do not be offended if we ask you to take back some of your items.  Our goal is to maintain the best quality sale for you and the shoppers.



Kids, tweens and teens’ seasonal clothes 

(No winter clothing at the spring/summer sale; no summer clothing at the fall/winter sale.)

We accept kids clothing from sizes newborn through 16.  

For the spring/summer sale, seasonal items that sell well are:  

Bathing suits, shorts, sundresses, etc.  

For the fall/winter sale bestsellers are:  Winter coats and boots, Halloween costumes, holiday clothing, etc.


Maternity and Nursing Clothes  

Maternity styles have changed dramatically, so clothes must be no more than five years old.



Shoes must be in very good condition (no scuff marks or worn soles) and securely tied together.


Baby Gear & Furniture

Strollers, booster seats, cribs (NO DROP DOWN SIDES!), portable play yards, swings, high chairs, toddler beds, rockers, changing tables, bouncy seats, infant carriers, etc.  





Anything from infant toys to outdoor toys to electronic toys.  Items must have all parts and be in working condition.  If battery powered, working batteries must be included.  Be sure to secure all parts of toys together.  Puzzles in boxes must have all pieces (please double check).   Flat puzzles must have all pieces secured - Press and Seal wrap works well.



Children’s books as well as parenting books will be accepted.  Consider grouping books together (either in a zip-top bag or secured with rubber bands) to meet the minimum price.



Children’s DVDs will be accepted in original box only.  Please note, no VHS tapes.


Nursery Items

Nursery décor, bedding, “Boppy” pillows, shopping cart covers, etc.




Items NOT in very good condition


Stained or torn clothing; items with broken zippers, missing buttons, frayed hems or excessive fading or wash wear; items that have a smoky or musty odor


Out-of-date clothing 


Battery operated items without batteries. Buyers must be assured that the item works 


Broken items or items with missing pieces 


Cribs with drop sides


Car seats that are more than 5 years old or do not have Car Seat Certification Form 


Anything that has ever been recalled.  


It is the responsibility of the Seller to check the recall lists :  CPSC and Safe Kids